Monday, December 10, 2012

Kids Scrapbooking Project

It's all about capturing those memories. We all know that kids don't stay little for ever and what a fantastic way to preserve those moments. Don't throw those scraps away from your previous projects. Save them, because your scraps will become the biggest part of your next scrapbooking project with your kids.

  • Tip: This is a great way to recycle all of your undesired materials. While taking those materials and making wonderful memories with your child(ren).  

Put your child(ren) to work. I like to give my little guys the task of making 6"x 6" or 8"x 8" size pages. My little guys love the task of adhering the photos that they have chosen to the pages. 

  • Tip: The best size photos for 6" x 6" or 8" x 8" pages are wallet size (print out your photos). With having a wallet size photo, you will be able to fit a considerable amount of photos on each page.

What you will learn is that when scrapbooking with your child(ren), you will want them to have their own supplies. Make their supplies inexpensive by going to your local Dollar Store. Their supplies can be anything from buying double sided tape to stickers and stamps. At my local Dollar Store, you can even find Disney Characters to use for their scrapbook. Keep in mind, they don't have to have a special occasion to make a wonderful scrapbook.

What I have learnt over the years when it comes to scrapbooking with my kids, is that don't plan ahead for your child(ren) when it comes time for them to make their own scrapbook. Make your child(ren) a big part of the process from begining to end. I feel when you do that, it really starts to create a whole new bonding experience between you and your child(ren).

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