Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby Scrapbook Ideas

Come to find out, that baby scrapbooking has become pretty popular among scrappers in the last couple of years. The perfect time for you as a mom to start creating your baby scrapbook is when you are expecting. You can start to collect as many things like your first sonogram picture, baby shower and why not your OBGYN visits.

Capturing every moment, from pregnancy to the first years are the most important and believe me you will be thanking yourself later. I know many moms that have done this and have just now completed their baby scrapbook. One of them told me the other day, that they can't wait to give this to their daughter as a high school graduation present.

Example: Here are some ideas to get you started

Make A Pregnancy Journal:

You want to get into the habit, to journal every part of your pregnancy. From the first trimester, to birth (babies weight and length). You need to also include time of birth, the length of your labor and your doctors name etc. etc. So when it is time for you to journal beside your scrapbooking photos, you will be well prepared.

Photos Include Milestones:

Take pictures from pregnancy to 1 year. Try to capture your babies different moods; from sleeping, sad, happy and playful moments. Also pictures with Mommy, Daddy, close friends and relatives are also wonderful. 

Scrapbooking Emotion:

This scrapbook needs to be filled with emotion. You are telling a story to your child through the eyes of the scrapbook. Pick topics to journal about what will make your innermost feelings emerge. Also, have your closest friends and relatives journal their own thoughts and feelings about your little one, so that you can add their writing to the scrapbook.

When using these baby scrapbooking ideas, you will find that you will more than likely come up with many more personal ideas of your own to include in your baby scrapbook. Your little one will not stay little forever, so why not create a memory for you and for them.

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